Ashley’s Inspirational Page

“Growth begins when we start to accept our own weaknesses.”

~~ Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier Quotes. (n.d.). Retrieved on September 9, 2019 from Website:

Be Encouraged!!!!!

“Be Encouraged” by William Becton & Friends

1blessedladie. (2009, November 10). Be Encouraged by William Becton & Friends| No Excuses Motivational Video [Video file]. Retrieved from


In working on myself, I’m trying to Stop Procrastinating.

Grow Successful. (2018, July 30). Stop Procrastination | No Excuses Motivational Video [Video file]. Retrieved from

I GOT THIS !!!!!

When I find myself feeling down and really low, I have to turn to this video to remind myself that with God’s help, I Got This.

Peoples, D. (2015, January 2). I Got This [Video file]. Retrieved from

BE YOU !!!!!

Often, I find myself telling my friends “I Can Only Be Me”.
With that, “Be You!”
If God wanted us to be someone else, He would have created us as such.

YouTube. (2017, August 22). Be You – Inspirational & Motivational Video [Video file]. Retrieved from

10 Ways to Stay Motivated When Negativity Seems to be All Around

Positive Inspirational Quotes for People with Depression

I was looking for quotes and stumbled across Jean Vanier’s “Growth begins when we accept our own weaknesses.” I later used the quote as a response to another classmate’s assignments. The quote is inspirational to me because it made me do some self-reflecting. It was then that I realized I have the potential to grow if I accept and admit my faults. Admitting faults and accepting responsibilities will make me a better person. The song “Be Encouraged” helps me sometimes when I find myself in a dark, emotional state. I find myself lacking encouragement some days and the song keeps me centered. The song “I Got This” is my go-to, pick me up song. Since I’ve embraced these recent changes in my life, I cry more and now I’m able to channel my tears into happiness. The other videos and links were used to respond to other classmates’ assignments, and they have provided some form of inspirational at some point in my life.

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