Intention Statement

In July 2019, I left the Jackson Public Schools District with job experience, yet lacking fulfillment. I knew then I wanted more.

Yearning for something different, I began my quest at a second attempt to a master’s degree; this time, in a different direction. My mindset shifted from wanting a Master’s of Arts in Teaching to desiring a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. And so became my quest for more knowledge from Full Sail University. Consequently, in September 2019, the same week I began my new academic journey is when I accepted my new job position as a Computer Literacy Instructor at Hinds Community College, New Horizon, Jackson, Mississippi.

My purpose for seeking out this new adventure is simple: I want more for myself than a bachelor’s degree. I’ve created too many works of literature to have them just sitting idle somewhere without doing more with them. I also have too much creativity (or so I’ve been told) to just do nothing with myself.

My Mastery Journey takes me to a higher plateau. I desire to be a published author, playwright, etc., teach on the college level, and do more, than working two-three jobs trying to make ends meet. I want to be happy in my career and doing more in my career. My path along my Mastery Journey will help me to achieve my heart’s desires, but it will require a more complex level of thinking. Over the next 12 months, although I foresee a complex, yet swift journey, I also foresee gaining more knowledge and insight in my writing. I foresee strength in writing projects, and I intend to perform to my best abilities. Having read Greene’s Mastery, I’ve already learned so much about the Master I am becoming, and am intrigued by what awaits me. “It is the choice of where to direct his or her creative energy that makes the Master” (Greene, 2012, p. 179). Let’s see where it takes me?

Greene, Robert. (2012). Mastery. New York City, New York: Penguin Books