Mastery Journal Production Diary

MJPD Reflections Week One

Week One’s Reflection consists of the MJPD: A Mastery Journal Reflection video, the short scene script, and the original piece the short scene was adapted from. Happy Reading.

Ashley D. Gilyard’s Feedback Experiences

MJPD Reflections Week Two

Ashley D. Gilyard’s Reflections
Clair de Lune (Extended) by Claude DeBussy
This song is one of the my reflection pieces. I go to it when I’m writing, when I need to destress, and even when I just want to listen to classical music.

luthfoxian. (2014, January 5). Clair de Lune (Extended) Claude DeBussy|  [Video file]. Retrieved from

MJPD Director’s Treatment Week Two

MJPD Reflections Week Three

MJPD: A Mastery Journal Reflection, P.3.

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